2017/3(15) «RFEI News»


Product Positioning in the Market. Goals, Tasks and Functions
Author: Chernikov E. I.

The author has considered market segmentation and new product positioning issues. Levels and stages of segmentation have been characterized in brief.

Teambuilding as the basis of modern HR management
Author: Kolpakova Y. S.

Teambuilding is relatively new notion in the field of HR management. Different corporative events conducted to unite employees and maintain their high spirit make significant influence upon efficiency of both personnel and company’s efficiency. Whether such influence is always positive is what is necessary to find out.

What Has Changed in New Forms of Invoices since 1 October 2017?
Author: Kotelnikova T. A.

The author has described the changes connected with a new form of invoices came into force in 1 October 2017. Also, the author explains why the changes have been made.

Small Business: Notion, Criteria and Role
Author: Dolzhenkov S. V.

The author has studied the notion of small business, its main criteria and features typical for small business enterprises. Also, different approaches to identification of small business essence have been studied. The conclusion of small business specifics and its role as a connecting link of the entire county’s economy has been drawn up.

Role of Personnel Training, Additional Training and Advanced Professional Training in Increase of an Organization’s Economic Efficiency
Author: Marinchenko M. V.

The author has considered legal basis of personnel training, additional training and advanced professional training system, has determined tasks and directions of the personnel training system development. Due to the study made the meaning of the personnel training, additional training and advanced professional training system within the framework of an enterprise’s structure has been revealed.

New Year’s gifts to employees. Issues of their accounting and taxation
Author: Shashkova M. Y.

The author has described the methods of accounting of employees’ gifts along with the issues of their taxation.

Outlining the issue of corruption in business environment
Author: Aksenova E. S.

The author has considered scientific and theoretical approaches towards marketing analysis of corruption in business environment based on development of institutional support and enlargement of marketing analysis sphere.


Usage of IT Means in Students’ Studying of Applied Disciplines
Author: Malega I. A.

The author has considered the main principles of application of IT means in students’ study of applied disciplines. The subject of study is theoretical basis and practical usage of IT means in students’ study of applied disciplines, the necessity of development of IT means usage system based on real practical examples.

2018: What Changes Should Be Made in Educational Content?
Author: Abushenkova M. V.

The article contains a review of the main changes made in Tax Regulation in both 2017 and 2018.

Political Science

Position of Contemporary Russia in the World Politics
Author: Sheverdina E. A.

The author has made a study on Russia’s self-identification in the world and determination of its role in development of modern civilized and geopolitical world.