2017/1(13) «RFEI News»

History and Archeology

Several Aspects of Scientific Activity of Church and Archeological Committees of the Black Soil Region at the End of the Nineteenth and at the Beginning of the Twentieth Centuries
Author: Pronina T. D.

The author has considered the areas of scientific and creative activities of Voronezh and Tambov Church and Archeological Committees as well as that of Kursk Diocesan History and Archeology Society of the Black Soil Region at the End of the Nineteenth and at the Beginning of the Twentieth Centuries.

Religious Policy of Invaders on the Occupied Territory of the Soviet Union in 1941-1944
Author: Nikiforov S. A.

The author has analyzed goals, methods and results of the Nazi invaders on the occupied territory of the USSR. The population of the occupied territory of the Soviet Union readiness to participate in Christian services has been mentioned as well. The conclusion of the Russian Orthodox Church through its representatives standing on the patriotic ground thus sharing the fate of the Soviet people despite the position of several split off episcopates and a few sectary communities has been drawn up.


Planning of professional career as a function of personnel management
Author: Kolpakova Y. S.

Planning of personnel professional career is an integral part of HR management system in a company. The author has considered the essence of that managerial function as well as has explained why modern managers should pay proper attention to the issue.

Conceptual foundations of regional bank system development considering its potential
Author: Utkina E. N.

The author has studied the issue of strategic management of the banking system on the regional level. As a result of the research made a model of arrangement of the banking sector of the region development has been offered along with an algorithm of development of the strategy of the regional banking sector development within the framework of providing of efficient development of the region.

The main directions of the state regulation of agricultural production
Author: Pravednikova E. Y.

The author has analyzed the most important directions of the state support and regulation of agricultural production mechanism improvement. The necessity of establishment of municipal food banks has been outlined and justified. The conclusion concerning the state role in terms of providing of efficient functioning and development of the national economy has been drawn up.

All new things are well-forgotten old ones or insurance fees are under control of tax authorities again
Author: Shashkova M. Y.

The author has analyzed the important change which have happened in the field of insurance fees in 2017 and has covered the main issues of the insurance fees calculation and payment in 2017 and their reporting delivery.

Arrangement of marketing activity at industrial enterprises (JSC «Kurskiy Zavod Mayak)
Author: Chernikov E. I.

The author has described the most traditional for industrial enterprises method of arrangement of marketing activity based on JSC Kurskiy Zavod Mayak example.

The essence of the innovative use of grain farming natural and economic potential
Author: Pozhidaeva N. A.

The publication is prepared as part of the scientific supported by Russian Foundation for Humanities project number 17-32-01007.

There has been researched the essence of innovative use of grain farming natural and economic potential in modern conditions, as the priority of its development and transition to highly effective type of management in the article. The specific factors that predetermine the problems of development of grain products subcomplex was presented in the investigation. Factors of innovative use of grain farming natural and economic potential classified according to the directions, with specific examples of implementation: selection and genetic, production and technological, organizational and economic sociology.


Strategies of Speech Behavior of Vecherniy Urgant TV Show Presenter
Author: Safonova T. V.

The author has considered speech cooperative strategies used by the presenter of Vecherniy Urgant TV show. The strategies provide harmonizing dialog with the audience and improve the presenter’s communicative attractiveness.

Transformation of Monarchy Russia and Nicolas II Images in magazines from Niva to Kranaya Niva
Author: Silakova D. V.

The author has provided with comparative analysis of monarchy Russia and Nikolay Romanov in prerevolutionary illustrated magazine Niva and in the Soviet magazine Krasnaya Niva.
The main reasons and general direction of monarchy and Nicolas II images transformation have been studied.


Formation of Secondary Vocational Education Students’ Professional Competences within the Framework of Professional Modules
Author: Butova V. N.

The author considers an approach to formation of professional competences of secondary vocational education students during their studying of professional modules.

Study of Art

Concerning Informatory and Emotional Components of a Portrait in Fine Arts
Author: Tolstykh E. L.

The author has considered both psychological and graphic aspects of a human portrayal in arts as well as specific features of a word picture created by an artist analysis. Specifics of photographic and artistic exactness of a portrait image has been considered as well.

Positive loneliness of Viktor Pivovarov
Author: Kulikova S. O.
Research advisor: Pronina T. D.

The author has analyzed Viktor Pivovarov’s, a representative of Moscow Conceptualist Art, creative work through the eyes of the topic of loneliness, one of the most typical for the artist.