2016/3(12) «RFEI News»

History and Archeology

Industry of Kursk Oblast before the Great Patriotic War
Author: Nikiforov S. A.

The author has made an analysis of Kursk Oblast economy industrial sector before the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. The statistical data characterizing the level of different industrial branches development in Kursk Oblast has been provided as well. The author has come to a conclusion of focusing of the majority of Kursk Oblast industrial enterprises on agricultural products procession.


Outlook of Kursk Region Economic Development in 2015 – 2016
Author: Chernikov E. I.

The author shares his thoughts in terms of Kursk Region economic conditions and its residents’ material wealth by the end of 2016.

Directions of State Support of Agricultural Technical Modernization in Russia
Author: Pozhidaeva N. A.

The author has analyzed the mainstream directions of the state support of agricultural technical modernization in Russia and has proved that decrease in the key interest rate as low as the level of profitability of agriculture would allow to find the required for the modernization credit resources.

Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of Organizational and Economic Management of Agro-Industrial Complex Management
Author: Pravednikova E. Y.

The author considers the mainstream directions of organizational and economic mechanism of the agro-industrial complex regulation. Also, the gist of differentiated pricing has been revealed. The trends to be taken into consideration in case of any further administrative reform launching have been mentioned as well.

Contemporary Issues of Accounting Automation
Author: Shashkova M. Y.

The author has revealed the importance and clear benefits of specialist accounting software usage and the main problems of choosing these programmes at the present have been described.

Methodologic Basis of Making Integral Assessment of Regional Banking Sector Level of Development
Author: Utkina E. N.

The article provides with the description of a method of assessment of a regional banking system level of development based on an integral indicator developed by the author.


Newspaper Language: Main Traits and Peculiarities
Author: Novikova O. N.

The article aims at pointing out main traits and peculiarities of English newspaper language.


Non-verbal Communication in School Educational Process
Author: Ashchikho I. V.

The article describes methods of transferring of information with mimics, gestures and intonation focusing on the place of the non-verbal communication in the educational process. The author, apart from concentrating on the body language skills, stresses the necessity of the gesture language understanding based on literary characters description. The non-verbal aspect of communication plays a significant role in the teacher-students communication as it is a well-known fact that different means of non-verbal communication are more efficient and expressive than words.

Export of Russian Education: Problems and Prospects of Its Regional Development
Authors: Pronina T. D., Yakovleva M. k.

The article is devoted to the results of a research on current issues of higher educational services export. The problems and prospects of its regional development including the necessity of international accreditation receiving have been analyzed by the authors.

Individualization of the university educational system as in the case of students’ creative program tracks
Author: Tolstykh E. L.

The author considers several aspects of students’ training individualization in accordance with the requirements of modern educational standards. Building up of the educational process based on humanization principle when a trainee is the subject rather than the object of the given process has been traced. Individualization of training has been studied based on the training process at students’ creative program tracks an analysis of the main competences of both a student and a teacher has been made as well.

Actualization of Learning Support Materials in Terms of Changes in the Tax Regulation in 2017
Author: Abushenkova M. V.

The author analyzes the interrelation between changes in the legislation and actualization of learning support materials of Economics specialists’ training programmes.

Teacher’s Image as Important Part of His/Her Professional Personality
Author: Cherkashina Y. N.

The article is devoted to the pressing issue of a teacher’s image as an important factor of a professional personality’s perception. Analysis of notions has been made, the university teacher’s professional image characteristic features have been considered and practical recommendations on a teacher’s image formation and management have been developed.

Methods of distant students’ morale building activities development
Author: Dorofeeva T. V.

The author has considered the characteristic features of the distant educational process pedagogic component and has developed practical methods and forms of distant students’ extracurricular activities arrangement.

Requirements to arrangement of optimal conditions in Art classes
Author: Scherbakova V. Y.

The author has described the requirements to an Art teacher’s activity during arrangement, preparation and conducting classes in accordance with the second edition of FSES requirements along with the characteristic features of seeing imagery usage during a class as the main means of students’ training and arrangement of a dialog communication during in class.

Study of Art

Mystical Landscape by E. Heckel
Author: Vil’ke E. V.

The article is devoted to the creative work of a group of German expressionists Die Brücke (The Bridge) established at the beginning of the twentieth century in Dresden. The author is focused on analyzing Erich Heckel’s, one of the constant group members, pictures. The whole of the artist’s impressions about the nature, connection of his spiritual search with both aesthetics of expressionism and with artistic events in the past and analysis of imaginative, compositional and figural solutions of his pictures have been considered as well.


Live Values of Visually Impaired Teenagers
Author: Lotoreva E. V.

The article is devoted to research of visually impaired teenagers’ time perspective. The problem of subjective comprehension of the future has been analyzed with the method of incomplete sentences. Structure of personality and opportunities for social adaptation of visually impaired teenagers has been identified as it has its characteristic features compared to that of their peers without eyesight problems.